Quantcast Foam Agent Piping Flush Procedure.

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TM 9-2320-279-10-3
Operation Under Usual Conditions (Cont)
tfft00287 2
Make sure foam METERING VALVE (1) is in CLOSED position.
Make sure FOAM SYSTEM switch (2) is in OFF position.
Using pressure governor, adjust main water pump discharge pressure
to 125 psi (862 kPa) (para 2-115).
Turn FOAM FLUSH switch (3) to ON position. Indicator light (4) will
come on.
Open and close all valves slowly during any procedure.
Sudden changes in pressure may cause equipment to react
faster than personnel can be alerted. Make sure
surrounding personnel are aware of changes being made to
settings on equipment. Failure to comply may result in
injury or death to personnel and damage to equipment.
Do not open any foam agent supply tanks while perform-
ing flush procedures.
Do not allow foam system pressure to exceed 250 psi
(1,724 kPa). Failure to comply may result in damage
to equipment.
Put foam METERING VALVE (1) in fully opened position.


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