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TM 9-2320-279-10-3
Operation Under Usual Conditions (Cont)
If operating from a hydrant source, check pump suction
pressure. Intake pressure must be 5 psi (34 kPa) or less
or proportioner will not function properly.
Establish water flow to desired discharge outlet(s) (para 2-116, 2-117,
or 2-118).
If water is stopped, metering valve must be closed to
prevent foam agent from entering piping and water
pump. Failure to comply may result in damage to
Instruction plate mounted on pump operator's panel
gives settings versus flow rates for various agents.
Each time the flow rate is changed, the METERING
VALVE must be reset.
The sum of the discharges need to be added together
for total discharge GPM.
Using chart (7), determine flow rate and set METERING VALVE (8)
to deliver proper percentage.
c. Stopping Foam Solution Flow.
Put METERING VALVE (8) in CLOSED position.


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