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TM 9-2320-279-10-3
Principles of Operation (Cont)
A four-person crew cab is located separate from personnel cab. The crew cab
doors open to 90 from closed position to allow safe and fast access for crew
members in full MOPP gear.
Seats of crew cab are SCBA type. Seats have a recessed area in each backrest
for mounting a SCBA holder with a "knock-down" bracket and collision
resistant holding strap that secures a one-hour SCBA provided for each crew
member. Provided with every SCBA seat is a padded backrest insert, which
can cover SCBA cavity to improve seating comfort when SCBA bottles are not
installed in recessed areas. All seats are furnished with three-point shoulder
type seat belts with automatic retractors.
Roof of crew cab is equipped with a split-type roof hatch. The roof hatch is
used to access pump operators panel and can also be used for escape. When
the split-type roof hatch is opened, it allows operator a 360 field of view.
Both split-type roof and pump operators panel cover are secured by a latch
when closed, and are released manually to provide additional safety during
operations. Floor of crew cab is equipped with drain holes that allow draining
of free standing water on cab floor.
The TFFT is equipped with a complete electrical power system. Output of
generator is controlled by an internal hydraulic system. An electrical
instrument gage panel (right rear) stowage box is provided for operator to
monitor and control all electrical operations and outputs.
Generator utilizes main chassis transmission to power generator. Generator
is driven by engine transmission PTO unit, through a hydraulic pump and
motor. An electric/hydraulic valve supplies hydraulic fluid to clutch
engagement unit provided on chassis PTO drive. Main load center is
equipped with circuit breakers rated to load demand. Individual breakers are
provided for all on-line equipment to isolate a tripped breaker from affecting
any other on-line equipment.
A winterization package is provided to allow operation of the pump, foam
system, and body up to -25F (-32C). The package includes two diesel-fired
27,300 BTU heaters, one inside the pump compartment and one used to heat
the rear compartment. The heaters turn on at 39F (4C).
Two 2,250 W water heaters are installed in the water tank. The tank heaters
turn on at 40F (4C) and turn off at 60 F (16C). Some of the plumbing from
the water tank to the pump is protected from freeze with heat trace tape and


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