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TM 9-2320-279-10-3
Equipment Description (Cont)
Rear Platform. The platform provides a horizontal surface to support and
accommodate an operator in standing position. Bumper steps are provided as
an extension to the platform to provide a step-down to the ground.
Two (2) handrails are installed below the hosebed to aid stability while
standing on the platform.
120 VAC Lighting. The TFFT is equipped with two (2) telescoping lift up
Extenda-Lite Model E-500 quartz tube floodlights. Each light head is
120 VAC, W500, draws 4.5 amps, and has an output of 10,500 lumens. Light
head swivels 360 left or right and tilts up and down.
One-Way Utility Tray. A one-way utility tray with a weight capacity rating
of 500 lbs (227 kg) maximum, in extended position. The tray dimensions are
46 in. (117 cm) x 36 in. (91 cm) x 3 in. (8 cm). The tray slides out in one
direction only; two-thirds (2/3) of its length. The vertical location of tray
within the compartment is low and not adjustable. Six ball bearing rollers;
each rated for a minimum 500 lbs (227 kg) load, supports the utility tray.
Electric Cord Reel. Furnished with the electrical system is a Hanney,
series 1600, cord reel wired for a four conductor cord. The reel is provided
with a 24 V electric rewind switch that is guarded to prevent accidental
operation and labeled for its intended use. The push-button switch is
protected with a fuse.
Reel Guide. A ball stop is provided to prevent cord from being wound into
the reel.
Roof Turret Discharge. The personnel cab turret is capable of discharging
up to 500 GPM (1,893 L/min) at 210 psi (1,448 kPa). The turret is equipped
with a non-aspirated nozzle.
Turret is manually controlled inside the personnel cab.
An electric over air controlled full flow ball valve is used in outlet plumbing
with the control located on manual control stick.
Front Bumper Turret Discharge. A turret is piped to the front bumper of
the personnel cab. The turret has a horizontal rotation of 180 and operates
from 45 above to 20 below horizontal. Horizontal rotation and automatic
oscillation are driven by a 24 VDC direct drive motor/actuator.
Plumbing consists of 2 in. (5 cm) piping and flexible hose with a constant flow
250 GPM (946 L/min) nozzle. A switch for straight or fog pattern is located
inside the personnel cab.
Turret is remote controlled from control box located in the center of the
personnel cab. A joy stick control is provided for water on/off, monitor left/
right, monitor up/down, and straight or fog pattern.
Drains are provided at all low points of piping.
Ground Sweeps. The four (4) ground sweeps located below the vehicle are
capable of 1% Class A foam and 3% Class B foam and are controlled inside
the personnel cab.


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