Quantcast Figure 2-13.  Grounding Rod and Driver/Puller

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TM 10-6640-239-13 2-42 Figure 2-13.  Grounding Rod and Driver/Puller (14)   Remove power cables from Mod Lab A (1, figure 2-12) roadside and Mod Lab B (2) curbside storage boxes. (15)   Remove power panel cable connector protective cap on each trailer and firmly connect the laboratory power cable (4), female end, to each Lab power panel, male connector. (16)   Remove Power Distribution Module (5) from Mod Lab B (2) by loosening straps. (17)   Route laboratory power cable (4) from each Lab to Power Distribution Module (5). (18)   Locate Power Distribution Module (5) at end of laboratory power cable (4) and as far from Laboratory as possible.


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