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TM 10-6640-239-13 2-37 Table 2-12.  Operator Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) – CONT NOTE If  equipment  must  be  kept  in  continuous  operation,  only  do  procedures  that  can  be performed without disturbing operation.  Make the complete checks and services when equipment can be shut down. BE – Before AF – After MO – Monthly DU- During WE – Weekly Interval Item No. B E D U A F W E M O Item to Inspect Procedures Not Fully Mission Capable If: 37 a.   Inspect for damage. Missing knobs, latch, or cord or plug damaged. Laboratory Oven/Incubator b.   Inspect for proper operation. Oven does not heat. 38 a.   Inspect for damage. Missing bolts or damaged cord or switch. Ramsbottom b.   Inspect for proper operation. Inoperative ramsbottom or controller. 39 Centrifuge a.   Inspect for damage. Defective latch or missing knobs. b.   Inspect for proper operation. Centrifuge does not rotate. 40 Fume Hood Exhaust Blowers a.   Inspect hoses and clamps. Missing clamps or hose damaged. b.   Inspect for proper operation. Inoperative exhaust blower(s). 41 a.   Inspect Halon fire extinguishers. Broken seal or low charge indication. Support Items b.   Inventory first aid kit. Low supplies. 42 Fluorescent Light Assembly Inspect bulbs and starter for illumination. Lights do not illuminate. 43 Motor Controllers Inspect for proper operation. Equipment does not operate. 44 Vacuum System, Valves and Piping Inspect for leaks, leaky valves, or inoperative valves. Class III leaks or defective valves. 45 a.   Inspect mounting. Loose or missing mounting screws. b.   Inspect for leaks. Class III leaks detected. Water Filter c.   Inspect for clogged filter. Filter is clogged.


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