Quantcast Table 2-12.  Operator Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS)

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TM 10-6640-239-13 2-31 Table 2-12.  Operator Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) NOTE If  equipment  must  be  kept  in  continuous  operation,  only  do  procedures  that  can  be performed without disturbing operation.  Make the complete checks and services when equipment can be shut down. BE – Before AF – After MO - Monthly DU- During WE – Weekly Interval Item No. B E D U A F W E M O Item to Inspect Procedures Not Fully Mission Capable If: 1 Exterior Walls Inspect skin surface.  Refer to TM 9-2330-362-14&P. Wall skin cracked, or punctured. Corrosion on hinges. Storage Boxes Inspect access doors. Boxes or hardware missing. 2 a.   Inspect for damage to panel. Panel damaged. b.   Inspect power cable connectors for loose and damaged pins. Defective connectors. c.   Inspect that ground cable is properly connected to ground lug and grounding rod. Grounding connections are damaged. d.   Inspect access doors for defective or missing latch, keeper, seal, and hinge. Latches, keepers, seal or hinge damaged or missing. Power Distribution Module e.   Inspect controls and indicators for damage. Controls or indicators damaged. 3 a.   Inspect for damage.   Inspect access door for defective or missing latches, keepers, seal, ball studs, and hinge. Inspect water inlet connection for damaged threads and condition of gasket. Defective coupling or defective gasket. b.   Inspect inlet connection plug.   Defective or missing plug or caps. c.   Inspect hose and adapters for deterioration or damage to threads.. Defective or missing hose adapters.  Damaged threads, deteriorated/damaged hose. Water Supply Box d.   Inspect direction valve lever for damage. Damaged handle or missing screws.


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