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TM 10-6640-239-13 4-131 4-57.    DRYING RACK. This task consists of: a. Remove b. Install INITIAL SET-UP Tools Required General Mechanics Tool Kit, (Appendix B, Section III, Item 1) Materials/Parts Required Lockwashers, (2) REMOVE Remove Drying Rack.  See Figure 4-51. a. Remove two screws (1), lockwashers (2), washers (3) and drying rack (4) from curbside wall.  Discard lockwashers. INSTALL Install Drying Rack.  See Figure 4-51. a. Install drying rack (4) onto curbside wall and secure with two screws (1), lockwashers (2), and washers (3). Figure 4-51.  Drying Rack


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