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TM 10-6640-239-13 4-101 4-42.    FUME HOOD EXHAUST BLOWER HOSES. This task consists of: a. Remove b. Install INITIAL SET-UP Tools Required General Mechanics Tool Kit, (Appendix B, Section III, Item 1) General Safety Instructions WARNING ELECTRICAL SHOCK Before performing any  maintenance actions on electrical equipment, ensure  all electrical power has been turned off.  Failure to comply with this warning may result in serious injury or death. REMOVE Remove Exhaust Hose. The exhaust hose for the fume hood exhaust blowers are removed by loosening the screws on the hose clamps at both ends of the hose and sliding hose free of the blower discharge and the discharge ducting. INSTALL Install Exhaust Hose. a. Place one end of the exhaust hose on the exhaust ducting with hose clamp.  Tighten clamp screw until hose is securely in place on ducting. b. Place opposite end of hose with hose clamp on exhaust blower discharge.  Tighten clamp screw until hose is securely in place on blower discharge. c. Energize blower and check blower and exhaust hose for leaks.


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