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TM 10-6640-239-13 3-2 Table 3-1.  Symptom Index Troubleshooting Table Item Number Title 1. No electrical power to laboratory (purge system does not operate). 2. All ceiling lights fail to illuminate. 3. Ceiling lights DS1, DS2, DS3, DS4, and DS5 fail to illuminate. 4. Ceiling lights DS6, DS8, DS9, and DS10 fail to illuminate. 5. Ceiling lights DS7, DS11, DS12, and DS13 fail to illuminate. 6. Group of white ceiling lights fail to illuminate (group blackout lights are illuminated). 7. Mechanical room ceiling lights DS14 and DS15 fail to illuminate. 8. When one of the Petroleum Laboratory doors is opened, a group of white lights fail to go off and the group’s blackout lights fail to illuminate. 9. Emergency light DS7 or DS13 fail to illuminate when a power failure occurs. 10. Ceiling light inoperative or dim. 11. No power at one or more convenience (utility) outlets. 12. Environmental control unit(s) fail to operate. 13. Purge system continuously repeats purge cycle. 14. Air compressor motor fails to run when ON/OFF controller switch is on. 15. Air compressor motor runs but fails to drive compressor. 16. Air compressor continually cycles ON and OFF. 17. Vacuum pump fails to run when START button on motor controller is depressed. 18. Vacuum pump fails to develop a vacuum (motor running). 19. Low vacuum pressure. 20. Water pump fails to run when ON/OFF controller switch is on. 21. Water pump fails to deliver water at proper pressure. 22. Water pump continually cycles on and off. 23. Water chiller fails to run. 24. Water chiller runs but fails to produce chilled water. 25. Water heater fails to produce hot water. 26. Drain tank overflows (sump pump does not operate). 27. Electric still does not operate.


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