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TM 10-6640-238-13 2-41 Table 2-14.  Operator Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) - CONT NOTE If  equipment  must  be  kept  in  continuous  operation,  only  do  procedures  that  can  be performed without disturbing operation.  Make the complete checks and services when equipment can be shut down. BE – Before   AF – After MO - Monthly DU- During   WE – Weekly Interval Item No. B E D U A F W E M O Item to Inspect Procedures Not Fully Mission Capable If: 47     Fume Hood and Gum Bath Vent Door Inspect for damage. Defective door, broken glass or any damage that prevents proper venting. 48 a. Inspect latches and hinges. Hinge or latch broken. Cabinets b. Inspect contents. Mission essential items damaged or missing. 49 Sink Inspect for snap-in fit in cabinet.    Sink is not secure and drain is not properly connected. 50 Storage Locker Inspect mounting. Loose or missing mounting bolts. 51 Desiccating Cabinets Inspect mounting. Loose or missing mounting bolts. 52 Propane Storage Locker Inspect bolts. Missing bolts. 53 Fume Hood a.   Inspect for damage. Defective door, or missing screws. 54 a.   Inspect for exterior damage. Missing fasteners or broken switches. Gum Content Test Bath b.   Inspect for leaks. Class III leaks detected. 55 ECU Remote Control Inspect for damage. Damage to control or missing capscrews.


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