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TM 10-6640-238-13 1-30 f. Centrifuge.  The centrifuge is mounted in the roadside countertop and is used in ASTM tests D-91, D-96, D-483, D-484, D-872, D-875, D-893, D-1019, D-1290, and D-1796.  It operates on 110V, 60 Hz, single-phase power supplied by A1CB8 located in the MAIN POWER PANEL.  It is equipped with a stepless solid-state speed control that provides an accurate digital display of the rotating head RPM, and uses automatic power assist braking.  The cover is equipped with an electronic safety latch.  The cover cannot be opened if the centrifuge is operating or the line switch is in the OFF position.  Conversely, the centrifuge will not operate if the cover is open. g. Cleveland Flash Point Tester.  The Cleveland flash point tester is stored in laboratory cabinet D.  It operates on 110V, 60Hz, single-phase power supplied by a convenience outlet and is designed to comply with the requirements specified in ASTM test D-92.  The apparatus is an open-cup type flash point tester and is electrically heated by a 750W heater with an integral rheostat and dial control.  It is used to determine the flash and fire points of petroleum products, except fuel oils, which have an open cup flash above 1755F (795C).  The heat range is from 20 to 7605F (-6.675C to 4045C).  Included with the apparatus is a permanently mounted test flame burner, pivot post thermometer holder, and refractory top which includes a heat resistant board, cast iron plate, test flame bead, and open flash cup. h. Cloud and Pour Point Apparatus.  The cloud and pour point chamber is stored in laboratory cabinet Y and is designed to comply with the requirements specified in ASTM Method D-97.  The assembly of four jackets may be raised or lowered on the rod support to vary depth of jackets in the cooling medium (dry ice and acetone; dry ice and alcohol), according to the standard test procedure.  The bath is equipped with a drain plug near the bottom, and a cover provided with openings to admit passage of test jars and thermometers.  Both bath and cover are fitted with handles.  The test apparatus includes four ASTM high-range thermometers and drilled cork stoppers. i. Copper Strip Corrosion Bath.  The copper strip corrosion bath is stored in laboratory cabinet Y and is used to perform ASTM test D-130.  It requires 110V, 60Hz, single-phase power which is provided from one of the convenience outlets in the laboratory compartment.  It is used to determine relative corrosivity caused by sulfur compounds in petroleum products.  The apparatus consists of a constant temperature bath having a temperature range from ambient to 2215F + 15 (1055C + 0.55C), a 750W copper immersion heater, a thermoregulator, a Soxhlet condenser and a constant water level device.  It has a removable top plate and is provided with a test tube rack, test bombs, a thermometer, four rubber stoppers, copper strips, copper strip corrosion standards and has the capacity to hold four bombs. j. Desiccating Cabinets.  The desiccating cabinets are mounted on the roadside wall above the countertop and are designed for ASTM test D-2276.  The cabinets are constructed of stainless steel with glass side panels.  Molded rubber door gaskets provide an airtight fit for the doors.  The cabinets also are provided with manual relief valves. k. Field pH Meter.  The pH meter is stored in laboratory cabinet G5.  It is housed in a carrying case and is fully portable. It operates on a rechargeable battery and is supplied with a battery charger which operates on 110V, 60Hz, single-phase power.  The pH meter has an analog readout and is used to take pH and oxidation readings directly at the sampling site. l. Foaming Test Bath.  The foaming test bath is designed for use in ASTM test D-892 and is stored in overpack box 1.  It is a fully equipped constant temperature bath that tests foaming characteristics of lubricating oils to determine their suitability for high speed gearing, splash lubrication, high volume pumping and other applications.  It aerates the sample through diffuser stone at 94 + 5 mi/min. and maintains sample temperature at 75 and 200 + 15F (24.5 and 93.5 + 0.55C ) for three-sequence testing.  It uses precise solid state temperature control with a thermistor sensor probe.  A silent 1/20-hp ball bearing stirrer provides complete circulation to assure temperature uniformity.  The apparatus operates on 110V, 60Hz, single-phase power from a convenience outlet.  It has a temperature range from ambient to 2755F (1345C), controller sensitivity of + 15F (+ 0.55C), and a heater range from 0 to 1500W.  The bath capacity is 9 gal. (38.5 l).


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