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TM 10-6640-238-13 C-57 Section VI.  MANUALS (1) (2) NATIONAL STOCK NUMBER (3) DESCRIPTION CAGE and Part Number (4) U/M (5) QTY. RQD. ASTM TEST METHODS INDEX:  Book 3, Vol 00.01;  Petroleum Products and Lubricants EA 1 ASTM TEST METHOD HANDBOOK:  Book 4, Vol 05.01; Petroleum Products and Lubricants (I) D56 – D1947 EA 1 ASTM TEST METHOD HANDBOOK:  Book 5, Vol 05.02; Petroleum Products and Lubricants (II) D1949 – D3601 EA 1 ASTM TEST METHOD HANDBOOK:  Book 6, Vol 05.03; Petroleum Products and Lubricants (I) D3602 – Latest EA 1 7530-00-222-3525 BOOK, MEMORANDUM; 8 x 10-1/2; cloth covered; (80244) EA 1 BOOK, TEXT;  Book 2, Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry Current Addition; Skoggs & West EA 1 BOOK, TEXT;  Book 1, Chemistry and Technology of Petroleum – Author:  James E. Speight, Pub: Marcel & Deckker 7610-00-250-6633 COMMERCIAL PUBLICATION: Chemical Engineers Handbook; By John H. Perry; McGraw Hill, Inc EA 1 7610-00-233-9597 COMMERCIAL PUBLICATION: Handbook of Chemistry and Physics; CRC Press Inc EA 1 COMMERCIAL SUPPLY CATALOG:  Book 7, Malinkrodt Chemical Co; Chemicals and Reagents EA 1 COMMERCIAL SUPPLY CATALOG:  Book 8, Precision Scientific Inc; Instruments and Equipment Catalog EA 1 COMMERCIAL SUPPLY CATALOG:  Book 9, Fisher Scientific Company; Apparatus, Instruments, Chemicals, Furniture and Supplies EA 1 COMMERCIAL SUPPLY CATALOG:  Book 10, Daigger and Company; Apparatus and Equipment EA 1 COMMERCIAL SUPPLY CATALOG:  Book 11, Koehler Instrument Company, Inc; Petroleum Testing Equipment EA 1 DOD 4155.1, DFSCH 4120.1 DoD Manual:  Reference List of Specifications and Standards for Petroleum and Related Products EA 1 FM 10-68:  Field Manual, Aircraft Refueling EA 1 FM 10-69:  Field Manual, Petroleum Supply Point Equipment and Operation EA 1 FM 10-70:  Field Manual, Inspecting and Testing Petroleum Products EA 1 TECHNICAL MANUAL: TM9-4120-402-14;  Air Conditioner Operation and Maintenance EA 1 TECHNICAL MANUAL: TM5-4120-371-14-HR;  Hand Receipt, Air Conditioner EA 1


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