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TM 10-6640-238-13 5-49 INSTALL Install Freezer.  See Figure 5-18. a. Install mounting base (9) on countertop (13) and secure with four screws (10), lockwashers (11), and washers (12). WARNING The  freezer  is  heavy.    To  prevent  injury,  two  people  are  required  to  install freezer on mounting base. b. Position freezer (8) on mounting base (9) and secure with two screws (5), lockwashers (6) and washers (7). c. Install front panel (4) and secure with four screws (1), two screws (2), and washers (3). d. Close cabinet doors D. e. Plug freezer into wall receptacle located in mechanical room. f. Start freezer and check for proper operation. g. Install centrifuge (Paragraph 4-46).


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