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TM 10-6640-238-13 5-13 INSTALL Install Water Chiller.  See Figure 5-4. a. Apply teflon tape to male fittings.  Be sure to wrap tape in same direction as pipe thread. b. Install pipe fittings on water chiller (5). c. Install foundation mounting plate (10) on mechanical room floor and secure with four screws (8) and washers (9). d. Install water chiller (5) on foundation mounting plate (10) and secure with two screws (11), lockwashers (12), and washers (13). e. Connect three unions (7) that connect water supply, water return, and drain lines. f. Connect conduit (6) to water chiller (5).  Connect water chiller wiring and remove tags. g. Position left panel (2) on water chiller (5) and secure with two screws through screen (4) and six screws (1) in left panel. h. On Power Panel No. 2, set circuit breaker A15CB8 to ON. i. On Power Panel No. 2, set circuit breaker A15CB7 to ON. j. Prepare and operate water system using internal water tank as source in accordance with procedures listed in paragraph 2-6j. k. Inspect for leaks and check for proper operation.


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