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TM 10-6640-238-13 5-5 INSTALL Install Water Pump.  See Figure 5-1. a. Apply teflon tape to male fittings.  Be sure to wrap tape in same direction as pipe thread. b. Install pipe fittings on water pump (11). c. Install water pump (11) on foundation (12) and secure with four bolts (8), lockwashers (9), and washers (10). d. Connect hose to drain petcock (6). e. Connect two hoses to drain petcock (7). f. Connect union (3) on pump discharge line to water tank. g. Connect union (4) on suction supply line from water filter. h. Connect union (5) on suction supply line from water tank. i. Connect conduit (2) with motor electrical leads to motor connection box (1). j. Connect pump motor electrical leads as tagged to motor connection box (1).  Remove tags. k. Set A15CB8 at Power Panel No. 2 to ON. l. Set switch on Water Pump controller to ON. m.   Prepare and operate water system using internal water tank as source in accordance with procedures listed in paragraph 2-6j. n. Inspect for leaks and check for proper operation.


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