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TM 10-6640-238-13 4-153 4-64.    GAS CYLINDER RACK. This task consists of: a. Remove b. Install INITIAL SET-UP Tools Required General Mechanics Tool Kit, (Appendix B, Section III, Item 1) Equipment Condition Gas Cylinders and Gas Regulators Valves Removed (Paragraph 4-53) Materials/Parts Required Lockwashers, (35) REMOVE Remove Gas Cylinder Rack.  See Figure 4-60. a. Remove five screws (1) securing each slide (2) to plate (3) and remove gas cylinder rack.  Repeat step for remaining gas cylinder rack. b. Remove four screws (4), washers (5), and plate (3) from cabinet. c. Remove ten screws (6) from each slide (2) and remove slide. NOTE Perform steps b, c and e thru o for right gas cylinder rack and steps d thru o for left gas cylinder rack. d. Remove two screws (7), washers (8), nuts (9) and angle bracket (10). e. Remove two screws (11), screws (12), four washers (13), nuts (14), and top cylinder brace (15). f. Remove two screws (11), screws (12), four washers (13), nuts (14), angle bracket (10) and top cylinder brace (15). g. Remove four screws (12), washers (13), nuts (14), and bottom cylinder brace (15).  Repeat step for remaining bottom cylinder brace. h. Remove two screws (16) lockwashers (17), washers (18) and top handle (19).  Discard lockwashers. i. Remove two screws (20), lockwashers (21), and bottom handle (19).  Discard lockwashers. j. Remove two screws (22), washers (23), lockwashers (24), nuts (25), and top catch (26).  Discard lockwashers. k. Remove two screws (27), washers (28), lockwashers (29), nuts (30), and bottom catch (31).  Discard lockwashers. l. Remove two screws (32), washers (33), lockwashers (34), nuts (35) and bracket (36).  Discard lockwashers. m.    Remove four screws (37), and locking bar keeper (38).  Repeat step for remaining three keepers. n. Remove screw (39), lockwasher (40), washer (41), and locking bar (42).  Discard lockwashers.  Repeat step for remaining locking bar. o. Remove six screws (43), lockwashers (44), washers (45), and latch (46).  Discard lockwashers.  Repeat step for remaining latch.


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