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TM 10-6640-238-13 1-5     Vent separator funnels frequently when shaking volatile liquids.  The funnel shall be wrapped with a rag when shaking an extremely volatile liquid.     Store propane cylinders in the propane stowage locker, away from heat or ignition sources. f. Controlling Fumes.  The following safety precautions are presented to aid operators of the Petroleum Laboratory in controlling toxic fumes.     The laboratory shall be properly ventilated at all times.     Perform all gas alarm system tests and calibrations as specified to ensure proper operation of system.     If any material is spilled which gives off toxic fumes, all personnel shall leave the area immediately and return only after the area has been adequately purged. g. Electrical Safety.  The following electrical safety precautions apply to all operators and maintenance personnel for the Petroleum Laboratory.     Equipment producing a tingle sensation will be reported promptly for repair.     Keep the use of extension cords to a minimum and the cords as short as possible.  Insulation and wire size shall be adequate for the voltage and current to be carried.     Work on electrical devices shall be done after the power has been disconnected or shut off, and suitable precautions taken to keep the power off during the work.     Never use metallic pencils or rulers, or wear rings or watches when working on electrical equipment.     Flammable liquids shall not be stored near electrical equipment. h. Chemical Spills.  Spill control procedures are provided in the SPILL CONTROL PROCEDURES GUIDE (MKP-1479).  A copy of the guide is provided with the Mod Lab and is stored inside the bookcase.


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