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TM 10-6640-238-13 4-80 INSTALL Install Air Tank.  See Figure 4-23. a. Install air purge (10), air outlet valve (11), air gauge (12), pressure switch (1) and drain valve (13), tubing and fittings on air tank (4). b. Position air tank (4) in place on foundation in mechanical room and secure with three washers (8) and screws (7). c. Connect drain line (6) at bottom of air tank (4). d. Connect air outlet hose (5) at top of air tank (4). e. Connect air hose (3) from compressor discharge to side of air tank (4). f. Connect wires as tagged to pressure switch (1) at top of air tank (4).  Remove tags. g. Secure conduit (2) to pressure switch (1) with conduit nut. TEST Test air system in accordance with operating procedures listed in paragraph 2-6k.


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