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TM 10-6640-238-13 4-45 INSTALL 1. Install Circuit Breakers.  See Figure 4-10. a. Install circuit breaker (8) in panelboard and fasten in place with screw(s) (6) and starwasher(s) (7). b. Attach electrical wiring to circuit breaker (8) and tighten terminal screw (5).  Remove tags. 2.     Install Fuse. a. Grasp fuse (9) with fusepuller and insert into fuseholder (10). 3.     Assemble Panelboard Front Assembly. a. Install circuit breaker cover (4) and secure with four screws (3). b. Install outside panelboard cover (2) and secure with four screws (1). c. Close circuit breaker A1CB2 in Main Power Panel. d. Close all circuit breakers in Power Panel No. 2. e.     Connect power cable (paragraph 2-6). f. Turn on equipment and verify operation.


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