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TM 10-6640-238-13 4-6 Table 4-1.  Unit Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) – CONT Q - Quarterly     S - Semi-Annually     A - Annually     B-Bi-Annually Item No. Interval Item to Inspect Procedures Not Fully Mission Capable If: Q S A B 6 a.    Check power cable and its connectors for damage. Power cable and/ connectors are damaged. b.   Check emergency light ballast boxes for good condition. Ballast boxes have missing or loose internal fasteners or loose electrical connections. c.    Check power panels for good condition. Power panel has missing door, broken or damaged circuit breakers or fuse holders. d.   Check explosion proof distribution boxes for good condition. Distribution box has damage to cover or connectors. e.    Check all wall switches and electrical receptacles for good condition. Wall switches or electrical receptacles have damaged covers, damaged switches or receptacles. f. Check all blackout microswitches for proper operation and good condition. Blackout microswitches have missing hardware or loose electrical connections. g.   Check all ECU remote controls for proper operation and good condition. ECU remote controls have missing fasteners.  ECU remote controls damaged. Electrical System h.   Check all motor controllers for good condition. Motor controllers have damage to covers, missing or loose fasteners, or loose or broken electrical connections. 7             Environmental Control Units (ECUs) Perform PMCS in accordance with TM 9-4120-371-14. Failed PMCS.


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