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TM 10-6640-238-13 3-24 INSTALL 1. Install Electric Still.  See Figure 3-5. a. Install retaining ring (13) on still (9). b. Install elbow (6) on still (9). c. Place still (9) with retaining ring (13) on still shelf and secure with five screws (10), lockwashers (11), and washers (12). d. Attach supply hose (8) to still (9) and tighten clamp (7). e. Attach drain hose (5) to elbow (6) and tighten clamp (4). 2 Install Distilled Water Container. a. Lift up on container (2) inserting tube (3) into top of container and lower container into place on still shelf. b. Secure container (2) with retaining strap (1). c. Plug still’s power cord into convenience outlet. d. Perform an operational check on still.


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