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TM 10-6640-238-13 3-3 Table 3-1.  Symptom Index - Cont Troubleshooting Table Item Number Title 29. High pressure boiler fails to raise steam supplied by low pressure boiler to desired temperature (valve lineup is correct and low pressure boiler is operating). 30. Low pressure boiler fails to provide steam to high pressure boiler. 31. Gum bath/fume hood exhaust blower(s) fail to operate. 32. Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) bath fails to operate (stirrer motor will not run and pilot light fails to illuminate). 33. Manometer gives no pressure reading. 34. Manometer gives inaccurate (high/low) pressure reading. 35. Kinematic viscosity bath does not operate. 36. Centrifuge fails to operate (run pushbutton on, lamp out). 37. Distillation test apparatus fails to operate. 38. Freezer (ice cube maker) fails to operate. 39. Oxygen stability bath fails to operate. 40. Laboratory oven fails to operate (does not heat). 41. Burn-out furnace fails to heat (power switch on; power switch light not lit). 42. Burn-out furnace fails to heat (power switch on; power switch light lit; heater on light not lit). 43. Explosion proof refrigerator fails to operate. 44. Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Tester (JFTOT) fails to operate (power switch on; red power indicator and cabinet lights not on).


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