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TM 10-6640-238-13 2-52 (i) Open any existing inlet valve on tank, container, etc. to be filled. k. Air System.  Perform the following steps to place air system in operation. (1) Ensure all air supply valves in Mod Lab A are closed. (2) Open one at a time, the drain valves located on air compressor discharge line and on bottom of air tank. Drain condensation and close valves. (3) Start air compressor by positioning compressor controller switch to ON. (4) Verify proper operation of compressor pressure switch.  Switch is set to stop compressor when pressure in accumulator reaches 120 psi and to start compressor when pressure drops to 60 psi. (5) To shut down automatic operation of compressor, position compressor controller to OFF. l. Vacuum System.  Perform the following steps to place vacuum system in operation. (1) Close all vacuum outlet valves. (2) Ensure oil level falls between two oil level marks on vacuum pump oil level observation window. (3) Open pump intake valve. (4) Start vacuum pump by positioning vacuum pump controller switch to START. (5) Verify operation by observing vacuum pressure gauge.  Vacuum is indicated on gauge in inches of mercury (Hg).  The vacuum pump has a 58-liter per minute free air capacity with a vacuum of 0.1 micron (0.0001 mm Hg). NOTE Gurgling  sound  occurs  during  operation  in  varying  degrees  under  four  conditions  of performance: when operating at high pressure as in the beginning cycles of evacuation of a chamber; when oil level in pump reservoir is too low: when a large leak is present in system; or when vented exhaust valve is open. (6) To shut down vacuum pump, close pump intake, and position vacuum pump controller switch to STOP position.


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