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TM 10-6640-238-13 2-46 CAUTION Power  Distribution  Module  power  output  connectors  are  marked  LAB  A  POWER SOURCE  for  Mod  Lab  A  and  LAB  B  POWER  SOURCE  for  Mod  Lab  B.    Failure  to connect cables properly will restrict protective features designed into Power Distribution Module. (19)  Remove Power Distribution Module (5) power cable connectors protective cap and firmly connect laboratory power cables (4), male end, to Power Distribution Module proper female connectors. WARNING Do  not  connect  Power  Distribution  Module  main  power  cable  to  Generator  set  until Power Distribution Module is properly  grounded.  Failure to comply  with  this  warning could result in serious injury or death. (20)  Select an area as close as possible to Power Distribution Module (5) power inlet for grounding Power Distribution Module. (21)  Repeat steps 3 through 11 to ground Power Distribution Module (5). (22)  Attach grounding cable to Power Distribution Module (5) GND grounding lug. (23)  Return driver/puller (5, figure 2-15) and driver/puller rod (3) to Mod Lab A (1, figure 2-14) roadside and Mod Lab B (2) curbside storage boxes. (24)  Firmly connect female end of main power cable (6) to Power Distribution Module (5) power input male connector, GEN SET POWER SOURCE. (25)  Route main power cable (6) to Generator Set (7). CAUTION Ensure  main  power  cable  is  properly  connected  to  generator  set  to  prevent  damage  to Mod Lab electrical system. (26)  Attach main power cable (6) to generator set (7) as follows: black wire (phase A) to L1; red wire (phase B) to L2; blue wire (phase C) to L3; white wire (Neutral) to L4; green wire (ground) to GND. g. Mod Lab A and Mod Lab B Electrical Startup and Purge Cycle.  Perform the following procedures to apply power to Labs. WARNING Do not attempt to enter Mod Labs during start up until automatic purge cycle (5 minutes) is completed.  Dangerous combustible gases or vapors may be present which could ignite and cause death or serious injury. (1) Unlatch and open two PURGE INTAKE and two PURGE EXHAUST doors on each Mod Lab. (2) Unlatch and open FUME HOOD AND GUM BATH VENT door on each Mod Lab. (3) Roll up and secure four Environmental Control Unit (ECU) canvas covers on each Mod Lab. NOTE When power is applied to Laboratory an air purge cycle is automatically started utilizing blowers in ECUs to pressurize Laboratory and expel any accumulation of gases.  During purge cycle all normal electrical circuits within Laboratory are disabled.


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