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TM 10-6640-233-10 CHAPTER 3 OPERATOR MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS Section I.  LUBRICATION INSTRUCTIONS 3-1.  Lubrication Instructions.  Lubrication instructions for the basic semi-trailers' doors, leveling jacks, landing gear, etc., can be found in Chapter 3 of TM 9-2330-362-14&P.  For lubrication instructions concerning the ECUs, refer to TM 5- 4120-317-14.  Lubrication requirements for other equipment used in the laboratory are contained in their respective TMs (see Appendix A for TM number). Section II.  OPERATOR TROUBLESHOOTING PROCEDURES 3-2.    General.    This  section  contains  operator  troubleshooting  information  and  procedures  for  locating  and  correcting common malfunctions which may develop in the laboratory. a.  Troubleshooting Table.  Table 3-1 lists common malfunctions which you may find during operation or maintenance of the  AOAP  Mobile  laboratory  or  its  components.    You  should  perform  the  test/inspection  and  corrective  actions  in  the order listed. b.  Unidentifiable Malfunctions.  This manual cannot list all malfunctions that may occur, nor all tests or inspections and corrective actions.  If a malfunction is not listed or is not corrected by listed corrective actions, notify your supervisor. Table 3-1.  Troubleshooting Procedures MALFUNCTION TEST OR INSPECTION CORRECTIVE ACTION 1.  NO ELECTRICAL POWER TO LABORATORY (PURGE SYSTEM DOES NOT OPERATE). Step 1  Check generator set power output switch is ON. Place generator output power switch ON. Step 2.  Check generator set output voltage for correct setting. Adjust voltage to 208-220 Vac. WARNING Do not come in contact with main power cable connections on generator set with power applied to laboratory.  Death or serious injury may result. Step 3.  Check that main power cable is properly connected to generator set. a.  Turn generator set output power switch OFF. b.  Properly secure main power cable to connectors. 3-1


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