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TM 10-6640-233-10 (2)  Fluids Analysis Spectrometer. (a)  Remove Quartz window from the sample stand. (b)  Wrap Quartz window in paper and secure in the sample stand drain (c)  Securely fasten and tape sample stand and power supply doors. (d)  Place main power circuit breaker in the "OFF" position. (3)  Viscometer.  Place base stand and cables in assigned roadside storage drawer "G-7". (4)  Duplex Ferrograph System. (a)  Store Direct Reader in assigned roadside drawer "H-7". (b)  Store Dual Ferrograph Analyzer in over pack box and secure in curbside storage box number "3". (c)  Store Ferroscope III in the over pack box and secure in fume hood of the van. (5)  Hot Plate.  Store hot plate in cabinet K-2. (6)  Flash Point Tester.  Store flash point tester in cabinet K-1. (7)  General Areas. (a)    Ensure  cabinet  drawers  are  "all"  locked  and  contain  applicable  AOAP  laboratory  expendable supplies and spare parts as contained in Appendix A. (b)  Ensure AOAP publications are on-hand as identified in Appendix A. (c)  Ensure water system storage tanks and lines are drained of "ALL" water and drain valves are left in the "DRAIN" position with caps on. (d)  Ensure equipment log books are on hand in the van for the spectrometer, ferrograph, viscometer and an AOAP mobile lab daily operations entry log. (e)  Securely fasten the three stools used inside the van in their travel locks. (f)    Ensure  air  system  reads  zero  pressure  and  the  air  compressor's  drain  cock  valve  is  in  the  open position. (g)  Ensure Vacuum System reads zero pressure and the drain valve is in the open position. (h)    Ensure  all  circuit  breakers  located  in  the  Main  Power  Panel  and  Power  Panel  No.    2  are  in  the "OFF" position. (i)  Ensure S1is in the 100 percent range so that purge will operate properly when setting up the AOAP laboratory at a new site. 2-45


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