Quantcast Table 2-14.  Oil Sample Analysis Requirements

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TM 10-6640-233-10 Table 2-14.  Oil Sample Analysis Requirements OIL SAMPLE ANALYSIS I. Aeronautical II. Nonaeronautical Engine Engine -SPECTROGRAPHIC AND -PHYSICAL ANALYSIS Transmission Transmission -SPECTROGRAHIC Gearbox ANALYSIS Hydraulic -SPECTROGRAPHIC ANALYSIS Hydraulic Swashplate -FERROGRAPHIC ANALYSIS Scissors & Sleeves Assembly SAMPLE PROCESSING Special aeronautical Special Nonaeronautical Routine aeronautical Routine Nonaeronautical NOTE Aeronautical samples shall be processed within 24 hours of receipt and Nonaeronautical samples within 72 hours of receipt, weekends and holidays excluded. 2-11.  Preparation For Movement a.    Interior.    Prior  to  the  AOAP  Mobile  Laboratory  being  deployed,  assure  that  the  following  actions  have  been performed: (1) Wang MICROVP-2 Computer System. (a)    Manually  place  Wang  Standard  Data  System  (SDS)  computer  disk  drive  heads  in  the  park position. (b)  Secure Wang SDS 13.4 megabyte platters (6 Ea) in assigned roadside cabinets (BB). (c)    Place  the  power  "ON"  switches  in  the  "OFF"  positions  for  all  SDS  components  mounted  in  the computer rack and rear compartment. (d)  Place the three computer terminals in their respective boxes located in the receiving room. 2-44


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