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TM 10-6640-233-10 (14)    Enable  each  of  the  "hard  mounted"  major  items  of  test  equipment  by  turning  their  respective  power switches to the "ON" position in the following order, as required: CAUTION The following enabling sequence of the "hard mounted" major items must be followed to prevent a power surge of the computer system. (a) Spectrometer (b) Viscometer (c)  Hot Plate (d)  Oven (e)  Refrigerator (15)    Remove  the  following  equipment  from  storage,  overpack,  or  cabinets  and  place  each  item  in  \  its designated position as shown in Figure 2-8. (a)  Ultrasonic cleaner (b)  Fluids Contamination Kit (c)  Duplex Ferrograph Set (16)  The AOAP Standard Data System (Refer to Figure 2-9). (a) Once the Wang MICROVP-2 computer has completed purging, then heads have to be manually moved from the "park" position to "ready" position.  Once this has been completed the computer is ready for AOAP software program.  Start by loading the "GREEN" D 10 System platter first, next "GREEN" DI 4 Aeronautical platter, then the "GREEN" DI 5, Nonaeronautical platter and finally the spare platter. (b) Before placing the system into operation, activate the ECU Control No. 1. (17)  Unlock any remaining cabinetry and remove the support apparatus as required. (18)  Perform operational checks on each piece of equipment to ensure its readiness.  Refer to applicable Technical Manuals for operation of each component. 2-8.  OPERATION OF AIR AND VACUUM SYSTEMS. a.  Air System (1)  Close all compressed air system service valves (Refer to Table 2-8). (2)  Turn on the air compressor circuit breaker No.20 in Main Power Panel (Refer to Figure 2-5). WARNING When   using   compressed   air,   always   wear   eye   protection   to   prevent   foreign   particles   or compressed air from injuring the eyes. (3)  Momentarily open and close each compressed air service valve to blow dust or other contaminant out of the air lines. (4)  Compressed air system is now operational. b.  Vacuum System (1)  Close all vacuum system service valves (Refer to Table 2-9). (2)  Turn on the vacuum pump circuit breaker switch No.  11 in the Main Power Panel (Refer to Figure 2-5). (3)  Vacuum system is now operational. 2-37


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