Quantcast AOAP Mobile Laboratory Electrical Startup and Purge Cycle

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TM 10-6640-233-10 c.  AOAP Mobile Laboratory Electrical Startup and Purge Cycle.  The following procedure is used to power up the laboratory. WARNINGS · The noise level of the generator set could cause hearing damage.  Hearing protection must be worn when working within 50 feet of the generator set. · Do not attempt to enter the laboratory during start up until automatic purge cycle (5 minutes) is completed  and  the  gas  detection  indicator  lamp  is  green.    Dangerous  combustible  gases  or vapors may be present which could ignite and cause death or serious injury. (1)  Turn on power at external power generator set (Refer to generator TM). (2)  Open all the air intake and exhaust doors (Figure 2-1) on AOAP Mobile laboratory. NOTE When power is applied to the laboratory, an air purge cycle utilizing the ECU blowers to pressurize the laboratory and expel any accumulation of gases is automatically initiated.  The cycle will last for approximately 5 minutes.  During the purge cycle, all the normal electrical circuits within the laboratory are disabled. (3)  Switch generator to load conditions and actuate the purge timer located in the power entrance box on the AOAP Mobile Laboratory.  The phase indicator green light in the power entrance box should now be on.  However, if the red light is on, then set generator to a no-load condition and recheck power cable connections and retry for green phase indicator. (4)  Enter the main laboratory compartment by using the curbside forward door.  Unlock the forward door and enter the mechanical room and reset main circuit breaker (Figure 2-5) by turning it to the “on" position. (5)  Turn S2 Switch (Figure 2-6) to the "ON" position prior to turning the computer duct heater breaker on. (6)  Turn S1 Switch to 100 percent, S3 Switch to the "ON" position and ECU NO.2, 3, and 4 controls to the "HIGH" speed setting. (7)  Switch on the circuit breakers in the Main Power Panel (Figure 2-5) as required. 2-34


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