Quantcast Figure 2-4.  Cable Reel Assembly

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TM 10-6640-233-10 (7)  Deploy the power cable assembly as follows (Refer to Figure 2-4): (a)  Open, and swing down, the roadside storage access door of the cable reel compartment. (b)  Remove the "6 foot" extension cable from the curbside access door's inner surface; remove cap plugs. (c)  Depress detent and run the 100 foot power cable to the generator set.  Hookup cable to generator set (Refer to generator TM). (d)  Plug the "6 foot" extension cable into the power receptacle and the cable reel receptacle. CAUTION Do  not  attach  the  extension  cable  to  the  cable  reel  if  additional  power  cable  is  to  be  run  off. DAMAGE WILL OCCUR. (e)  Lock and clamp both ends of the 6 foot extension securely. NOTE Battery  charger  cable  is  located  in  the  roadside  storage  box  labeled  "TOOL  KIT/LADDERS  AND RAIL/STORAGE." (8)  Deploy the battery charger cable by hooking one end to the power outlet and the other end to the battery outlet. Figure 2-4.  Cable Reel Assembly 2-33


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