Quantcast Figure 2-3.  Power Entrance Panel

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TM 10-6640-233-10 (f) Attach driver/puller rod to second section of grounding rod and repeat steps (d) and (e). (g)  Repeat step (f) and drive third section of grounding rod into ground until only 12 inches (30.5 cm) of rod is above ground. (h)  Remove driver/puller and driver/puller rod from third section of grounding rod. (i)  Place driver/puller and driver/puller rod in storage box. (j)  Slide grounding cable clamp over grounding rod. (k)  Attach grounding cable to grounding rod with grounding clamp. (l)  Attach grounding cable to grounding lug in power entrance panel (Refer to Figure 2-3). Figure 2-3.  Power Entrance Panel 2-32


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