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TM 10-6640-233-10 Table 2-12. Operator Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (cont.) B - Before A - After M - Monthly D - During W - Weekly B D A W M 21 Water Filter a.   Inspect for loose or miss- Missing mounting ing mounting screws. screws. b.   Inspect for leaks. Class III leak detected. c.   Inspect for dirty filters 22 Water Pressure Observe for proper starting Pump does not oper- Switch and stopping of water pump. ate automatically at the set pressure set- tings. 23 Water Heater Inspect for proper operation. Water heater does not Check for hot water at faucet. produce hot water. 24 Wall Cabinets a.   Check for broken latches Hinge or latch bro- and hinges. ken. b.   Inspect contents for dam- Items damaged or aged or missing items. missing. 25 General Storage Inspect for loose or missing Missing mounting Cabinet mounting bolts. bolts. 26 Stool and Stool a.   Inspect condition of stool. Stool is damaged/ Bracket missing. b.   Inspect securing device. Defective securing device. 27 Fume Hood a.   Inspect for condition and Defective door, miss- security. ing screws. b.   Check light operation. Light does not come on. c.   Check lights. Light does not come on. d.   Check blower operation. Inoperative blower. INTERVAL ITEM NO. ITEM TO BE INSPECTED Equipment is Not Ready/ Available Procedures Check for and have repaired or adjusted as necessary. 2-23


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