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TM 10-6640-233-10 Table 2-12. Operator Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (cont.) B - Before A - After M - Monthly D - During W - Weekly B D A W M 8 ECU Intakes a.   Inspect dampers and Motor does not oper- motors for operation. ate. b.   Inspect filters for obstruc- Clogged, dirty, or tions and security. defective filter. 9 Purge Exhaust a.   Inspect access doors for Latches, keepers, Doors defective or missing seals, or hinges dam- latches, keepers, seals, and aged or missing. hinges. b.   Inspect door micro- Microswitches do not switches to be sure they operate correctly. activate properly when door is closed, and deacti- vate when door is opened. c.   Inspect gasket for condi- Defective gasket. tion and security. d.   Inspect motor for opera- Motor does not oper- tion. ate. TRAILER INTERIOR 10 Fluorescent Inspect bulbs and starter for Lights not operating. Light Assembly operation. 11 Emergency Inspect for operation. Lights not operating. Lights 12 ECU Remote Inspect for condition and Damage to junction Control security. box, missing cap- Junction Boxes screws. 13 Motor Inspect for operation. Equipment does not Controllers operate. 14 Environmental Inspect for proper operation. ECUs do not operate. Control Units (ECUs) INTERVAL ITEM NO. ITEM TO BE INSPECTED Equipment is Not Ready/ Available Procedures Check for and have repaired or adjusted as necessary. 2-20


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