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TM 10-6640-233-10 CAUTION Equipment operation is allowable with minor leakages (Class I or II). Of course, you must consider the fluid capacity in the item/system being checked/inspected. When in doubt, notify your supervisor. When operating with Class I or Class II leaks, continue to check fluid levels as required in your PMCS. Class III leaks should be reported to unit maintenance. h. Leakage. Leakage definitions for operator/crew PMCS shall be classified as follows: Class I Seepage of fluid (as indicated by wetness or discoloration) not great enough to form drops. Class II Leakage  of  fluid  great  enough  to  form  drops  but  not  enough  to  cause  drops  to  drip  from  item  being checked/inspected. Class III Leakage of fluid great enough to form drops that fall from the item being checked/inspected. i. Individual Equipment PMCS.  PMCS for the laboratory equipment such as environmental control unit, refrigerator, oven, etc., are contained in their respective TMs (refer to Appendix A for TM numbers). 2-5.  Equipment is Not Ready/Available If Column.    This column is used for identification of conditions that make the equipment   not   ready/available   for   readiness   reporting   purposes   or   denies   use   of   the   equipment   until   corrective maintenance is performed. NOTE The terms ready/available and mission capable refer to the same status; Equipment is on hand and is able to perform its combat missions. 2-17


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