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TM 10-6640-233-10 (1)   The computer cabinet contains the primary components of the AOAP SDS.  Suspension slides are provided for the computer power unit, disc power unit, and the 13.4 megabyte disk drive.  The floppy disk drive is hard mounted in the cabinet frame. (2)   An interface panel located at the rear of the cabinet contains the bulkhead connectors and cabling required to interface the internal cabinetry components to the peripheral devices (i.e., the terminals and cathode ray tube monitors, the printer, and the spectrometer). (3)   All  cabling  is  shielded  and  grounded  to  the  cabinet  frame.    The  frame  is  then  grounded  to  the  van.    The cabinet  rear  interfaces  with  the  equipment  plenum.    Airflow  deflectors  are  provided  to  insure  adequate  ventilation  and proper  environment  for  the  computer  and  its  components.    Nonventilated  disk  storage  is  provided  at  the  top  of  the cabinet. (4)   The three integrated terminals and the line printer are not located within the computer cabinet.  One terminal and  the  printer  are  located  in  the  rear  (entry/receiving)  compartment.    Initial  sample  documentation,  data  entry,  and correlation are performed at this position.  The second terminal is adjacent to the computer cabinet and spectrometer; in- process data entry is performed at this position.  The third terminal is located at the physical property processing area. (5)   When  interfaced  with  the  spectrometer,  the  AOAP  data  system  provides  current  and  historic  wear  metal content  analysis  not  available  in  any  other  form.    The  data  can  be  formulated  to  satisfy  the  individual  commander's requirements and provide rapid status reports of flight and materiel readiness. c.     Viscometer Set (Figure 1-10).   An  electronic  device  used  to  determine  the  relative  viscosity  of  the  oil  sample. The  unit  is  located  on  the  curbside  wall.    The  unit  provides  a  3  1/2-inch  digital  panel  meter  for  simple  readout  of  the sample viscosity. Figure 1-10.  Viscometer Set 1-24


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