Quantcast Figure 1-8.  Fluid Analysis Spectrometer

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TM 10-6640-233-10 Figure 1-8.  Fluid Analysis Spectrometer The sample to be analyzed is electrically excited in the analytical gap.  Light from the resulting arc passes through the entrance lens where the light is formed into a beam.  The beam passes through a deflection plate which swivels back and forth  during  the  integration  process.    This  motion  deflects  the  beam  away  from  its  direct  (or  forward)  path  providing background light subtraction.  The beam then strikes the grating, which acts as a prism to disperse the light into spectral lines.  Each spectral line of interest passes through its exit slit (located on the focal curve) to the photomultiplier (PM) tube of the channel assigned to the spectral line.  The PM tube converts the light into electrical current that builds up a charge on the integrating capacitor of the subject channel.  The analog voltage on the capacitor is processed by the data conversion circuitry and fed to the readout electronics circuits. b.     The AOAP Standard Data System (SDS) (Figure 1-9).  The information generated from the spectrometer can be displayed  on  the  numerical  LED  indicators  or  printed  out  by  the  autoprinter  interface  which  is  used  by  the  AOAP Standard Data System (SDS).  The AOAP SDS is comprised of the following modular components:     Wang Model MICROVP-2 Central Processing Unit (CPU)     Three Wang Model 2336DW Integrated Terminal Sets     Wang Model 2280-3A Disk Drive     Wang Model 2270A-2 Diskette Drive and Processing Unit (DPM) ·    Data Products No.2273-2 LPM Line Printer ·    Wang Model 22C03 Diskette Controller 1-22


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