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TM 10-6640-233-10 c.     Roadside Interior (Figure 1-4). FIRST AID KIT (GENERAL BURNS): Provides essential items required to treat minor injuries and burns. PRINTER: A component of the AOAP Standard Data System, which prints out the information generated from sample analysis. PRIMARY  DATA  ENTRY  TERMINALS:  A  component  of  the  AOAP  Standard  Data  System,  used  for  initial sample documentation, data entry, and correlation. SECONDARY DATA ENTRY TERMINAL: A component of the AOAP Standard Data System used for in-process data entry. COMPUTER CABINET: Contains the primary components of the AOAP Standard Data System, which consists of  the  Central  Processing  Unit  (CPU),  the  Disk  Drive,  Diskette  Drive  and  Processing  Unit,  and  the  Diskette Controller.    An  interface  panel  is  located  at  the  rear  of  the  cabinet  which  contains  connector  and  cabling  to interface peripheral equipment with the computer (i.e., terminals, printer, spectrometer). OVERHEAD STORAGE CABINETS: Provide storage for equipment, manuals, and supplies. FLAMMABLE STORAGE CABINET: Provides for fireproof storage of equipment. GAS DETECTOR: Detects dangerous accumulation of gases in laboratory. FUME  HOOD:  The  fume  hood  is  used  to  protect  the  operator  from  toxic,  corrosive,  poisonous,  explosive, radioactive,   odoriferous,   and   other   harmful   and   dangerous   materials.      Exhaust   fan   is   located   behind Environmental Control Unit (ECU) controls and is used to exhaust noxious and dangerous fumes from the fume hood. HOT PLATE: Located in the cabinet K2 during storage.  It is explosion-proof and used during the crackle test. VACUUM PUMP: A 2-stage rotary pump which provides the vacuum system required in the laboratory. WATER  TANK:      The  water  tank  is  a  60-gallon  stainless  steel  tank  which  is  used  as  a  supply  source  when operating the water system as a closed system. WATER PUMP: The water pump is centrifugal and self-priming.  It is used to pump water from the water tank or from an outside source. AIR COMPRESSOR: The air compressor is a base mounted, 2-cylinder, single stage compressor driven by a 3- hp electric motor.  The compressor is capable of providing air at 120 psi. VOLTAGE  REGULATOR:  The  voltage  regulator  is  a  base-mounted,  three-phase,  120  volt  output.    Provides voltage to the computer. 1-10


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