Quantcast Front and Roadside Exterior (Figure 1-3).

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TM 10-6640-233-10 b.    Front and Roadside Exterior (Figure 1-3). ELECTRICAUTELEPHONE  BOX  DOOR:      Hinged,  double-latched  access  door  to  electrical  and  telephone connection points. ROADSIDE  STORAGE  BOXES:  Provides  storage  area  for  main  power  input  cable,  ground  rod,  ground  rod driver/puller, hose adapter, coupler and fire hose.  It is equipped with fork truck lift slots and retaining pins for installation/removal. CABLE REEL STORAGE BOX: Provides storage area for cable reel. FUME  HOOD  VENT  DOOR:  Hinged,  double-latched  access  door  for  fume  hood  vent.    Must  be  open  when operating exhaust blowers. PURGE  INTAKE  DOOR:  Hinged,  double-latched  access  door  for  purge  intake  damper.    Must  be  open  during purge cycle to allow environmental control unit to suck outside air into the laboratory.  An alarm buzzer, which indicates a purge door closed during a purge cycle, is located behind this door. PURGE EXHAUST DOOR: Hinged, double-latched access door for purge exhaust damper.  Must be open during purge  cycle  to  allow  air  to  be  exhausted  from  the  laboratory.    An  alarm  buzzer  which  indicates  a  purge  door closed during a purge cycle, is also located behind this door. TRAILER  ACCESSORIES  STORAGE  DOOR:  Provides  access  to  storage  area  for  trailer  accessories;  i.e., roadside reflectors, wheel chocks, various tools, wiping rags, etc. ENVIRONMENTAL  CONTROL  UNITS:  Provide  heating  and  cooling  of  the  laboratory.    The  four  units  are identical but each has its own individual controls. SPECTROMETER HOT GAS VENT; Vents hot gas from spectrometer cabinet. POWER ENTRANCE BOX: Provides power input to van and connection for grounding generator.  Also contains purge alarm and purge timer. 1-8


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