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TM 10-6640 233-10 1-14. Nomenclature Cross-Reference List. Common Name or Abbreviation   Official Nomenclature AOAP Laboratory Army Oil Analysis Program (AOAP) Mobile Laboratory, Semi-Trailer Mounted Gas Alarm Gas Detection and Alarm System ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials FTMS Federal Test Methods Standards ECU Environmental Control Unit LCD Liquid Crystal Display Hg Mercury Hz Hertz V Volts psi Pounds per Square Inch amp ampere W Watt RPM Revolutions per Minute AC Alternating Current DC Direct Current lel Lower Explosive Limit hp Horsepower pH Degree of Acidity or Alkalinity gph or GPH Gallons per Hour gpm or GPM Gallons per Minute %v Percent of Volume AOAP SDS Army Oil Analysis Program Standard Data System PM Photo Multiplier CPU Central Processing Unit Section II.  EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION AND DATA 1-15. Equipment Characteristics, Capabilities, and Features. a.     Purpose  of  AOAP  Mobile  Laboratory.    Provides  mobile  oil  analysis  capability  for  aeronautical  and  selected nonaeronautical equipment in a theater of operations. b.     Capabilities and Features. (1)   Consists of one M971 Semi-trailer modified to contain the following major system components:     Fluid Analysis Spectrometer, Model A/E 35U-3A, NSN 6650-01-149-8430     AOAP Standard Data System, WANG MICROVP-2 w/three operating stations ·    Viscometer Set, Model 706, NSN 6630-01-037-5147 ·     Fluids Contamination Set, Model 71, NSN 6630-01-037-5149 ·    Drying Oven, BLUEMOV-51 OA-3, NSN 6640-01-182-9294 ·    Hot Plate Set, Model 11496-3, NSN 6630-01-037-5151 ·     Duplex Ferrograph System, Model 8472, NSN 6630-01-158-7638 ·     Flash Point Tester, Model 03SF ·     Oscilloscope, Model AN/USM-488 ·     Refrigerator, Model UC5B     Ultrasonic Cleaner ·     Water Purification System ·     Environmental Control System ·     Electrical Power Distribution System     Water Supply System 1-5


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