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TM 10-6640-23310 APPENDIX C EXPENDABLE AND DURABLE ITEMS LIST Section I.  INTRODUCTION C-1.  SCOPE This   appendix   lists   expendable   and   durable   items   that   you   will   need   to   operate   and   maintain   the   AOAP   Mobile Laboratory.    This  listing  is  for  information  only  and  is  not  authority  to  requisition  the  listed  items.    These  items  are authorized to you by CTA 50-790, Expendable/Durable Items (except medical, class V repair parts, and heraldic items), or CTA 8-100, Army Medical Department Expendable/ Durable Items. C-2.  EXPLANATION OF COLUMNS. a. Column 1.  Item number.  This number is assigned to the entry in the listing and is referenced in the narrative instructions to identify the item (e.g. "Use cleaning compound, item 5, Appendix D".) b. Column 2.  Level.  This column identifies the lowest level of maintenance that requires the item. c. Column 3.  National stock number.    This  is  the  national  stock  number  assigned  to  the  item  which  you  can use to requisition it. d. Column 4.  Item name, description, Commercial and Government Entity Code (CAGEC), and  part number. This provides the other information you need to identify the item. e. Column 5.  Unit of measure.  This code shows the physical measurement or count of an item, such as gallon, dozen, gross, etc. Section II.  EXPENDABLE AND DURABLE ITEMS (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) National Item Stock Item Name, Description Number Level Number CAGEC, Part Number U/M 1 C Adapter, LPG Supply EA (01579) ISF-2010 2 C 8415-00-715-0450 Apron, Laboratory EA (58536) A-A-50068 3 C 8415-00-082-6108 Apron, Reusable EA (81349) MIL-A-41829 4 C Battery, Dry Cell, D Size BX (22527) 02-432 5 C 6640-00-899-2784 Beaker 2000 ML EA (81348) A-A-51 101 6 C 6640-00-942-4393 Beaker, 250 ML EA (22527) 02-540K 7 C 8125-01-082-9697 Bottle, Oil Sample CS (81996) PD8125-1 C-1


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