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TM 10-6640-215-13 2-8. OPERATING PROCEDURES- continued. provides  208V,  60Hz,  3-phase  power  to  systems/equipment  requiring  this  service.    All  circuits  are  either  circuit breaker or fuse protected as described in Tables 2-2 and 2-3. b.     Water Svstem Service and Operation.  The following paragraphs contain the necessary procedures for servicing and operating the water system (refer to Table 2-9 and Figures 2-18 and 2-19). (1)   Fill the Water Tank From Pressurized Source. (a)   Unlatch and open LT[LITIES box access door. (b)   Connect garden hose adapter to water system connector. (c)   Attach 50-foot (15.25 m) garden hose to adapter. (d)   Position water inlet/outlet selection valve to the IN position. (e)   Secure opposite end of hose to pressurized water source. (f) In mechanical room (see Figure 2-19), position water system valves as follows: 1 Input valve to pre filter - OPEN 2 Input valve post filter - OPEN 3 Pump suction or tank fill directional flow valve - OPEN to Tank Fill 4 Tank fill or water system directional flow valve - OPEN to Tank Fill 5 Water tank drain valve - C LOSE D 6 Water system drain valves - CLOSED 7 Pump suction valve from water tank - CLOSED 8 Backwash filter valve (2) - CLOSED (g)   Slowly turn on water supply at source. (h)   Continue to fill water tank until water flows out from overfill drain. (i) Turn off water supply at source. (j) Remove garden hose from water supply source and FILL connector.  Drain and store hose in storage bin. (k)   Disconnect garden hose adapter from water system connector.  Store in utility box. 2-50


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