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TM 10-6640-215-13 2-7.  ASSEMBLY AND PREPARATION FOR USE - continued. (8) Turn on power at external power generator set in accordance with applicable generator TM. (9) After purging cycle is complete (ECU blowers shut off), unlock and open laboratory entrance door. (10) Unstrap and remove overpack boxes and tiedown straps.  Store straps in boxes. CAUTION Insure  that  all  test  equipment  is  either  turned  off  or  unplugged  before applying  power  to  the  Petroleum  Laboratory  to  prevent  damage  to  the equipment. (11) Open MAIN POWER PANEL and place main power circuit breaker A 1CB 1 and POWER PANEL NO. 2 circuit breaker A1CB2, to their ON positions (Figure 2-2). (12) Turn  on  circuit  breakers  AICB13,  AICB21,  and  AICB22  then  check  that  all  test  equipment  is  either turned off or unplugged before turning on remaining Al circuit breakers. (13) Turn on all switches for normal lighting in the laboratory compartment (Figure 2-4). (14) Place  forward  EMERGENCY  LIGHT  switch  S17,  and  rear  EMERGENCY  LIGHT  switch  S18,  in  their ON positions. NOTE The  EMERGENCY  LIGHT  switches  will  remain  in  their  ON  positions until the Petroleum Laboratory is prepared for movement or storage. (15) Enter the mechanical room and turn on switch for mechanical room lighting. (16) Open  POWER  PANEL  NO.  2  and  set  the  ECU  circuit  breakers  A15CBI,  A15CB2,  A15CB3,  and A15CB4 to the ON position (Figure 2-3). (17) Set all other circuit breakers in POWER PANEL NO.  2 to ON position. (18) Energize and adjust the ECUs using the ECU controllers (Figure 2-5) in the laboratory compartment, in accordance with TM 5-4120-371-14. g. Unpacking and Inspection.    Inspect  each  item  of  equipment  and  supply  for  damage.    Check  for  broken  or cracked  glassware.    Remove  all  shipment  retainer  brackets,  straps,  etc.  and  store  for  future  use.    Report  any breakage or damage to your supervisor. 2-8.  OPERATING PROCEDURES. This  paragraph  provides  the  operator  of  the  petroleum  laboratory  with  the  procedures  necessary  to  operate  the  basic laboratory systems such as the electrical system, water system, air system, and vacuum system.  Also included are the operating instructions for the ice maker, fuel sampling kit, and the anti-icing test kit. For operating instructions pertaining to specific laboratory testing equipment such as RVP bath, copper strip bath, gum bath, etc. refer to the appropriate TM listed in Appendix A of this manual. a. Electrical  System.    The  electrical  system  provides  service  to  all  Petroleum  Laboratory  lights,  convenience outlets and equipment requiring 110 IOV, 60Hz, single-phase power.  It also 2-47


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