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TM 10-6640-215-13 2-7.  ASSEMBLY AND PREPARATION FOR USE - continued. Raise  ECU  maintenance  platform  by  removing  two  center  key  and  retaining  pins.    Lift  platform  to  operating position and reattach cable with pins and cotter key. d. Drain Hose Connection.  Connect drain hoses to the sink deck drain located adjacent to the curbside storage box, and to the forward deck drain located on the roadside beneath the mechanical room.  Dig a drainage ditch or sump, and place the ends of the drainage hoses in it. e. Laboratory Grounding.  The following procedure is used to properly ground the Petroleum Laboratory. WARNING Do  not  connect  main  power  cable  to  the  Petroleum  Laboratory  before properly  grounding  the  laboratory.    Failure  to  comply  with  this  warning could result in serious injury or death. NOTE The  grounding  rod  driver/puller,  and  grounding  cable  are  stored  in  the roadside storage box. (1) Remove grounding rod, driver/puller, and grounding cable from storage box. (2) Select an area as close to the power input panel as possible to install grounding rod. (3) Attach first grounding rod and coupling to the driver/puller rod.  (Refer to Figure 2-16). CAUTION Do not allow grounding rod to rotate when disconnecting the driver/puller rod from the grounding rod.  Grounding sections must be kept screwed together to ensure a good electrical ground. NOTE Before   driving   rounding   rod,   be   certain   that   driver/puller   rod   and grounding  rod  are  fully  threaded  into  coupling.    Be  sure  collar  is  hand tight against coupling. (4) Place driver/puller on driver/puller rod and drive grounding rod into ground approximately 30 inches. (5) Remove driver/puller rod and driver/puller from first grounding rod section. (6) Attach second section of grounding rod to first section and attach driver/puller to second section and drive into ground. (7) Repeat step (6).  Drive third section of grounding rod into ground until only 12 in. (30.5 cm) of rod is above ground. (8) Remove driver/puller and driver/puller rod from third section of grounding rod. 2-43


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