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TM 10-6640-215-13 Table 2-1.  Operator Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services Item Interval Item To Check Procedure Not Fully Mission No. Service Capable If: 54 During Distillation Test Check operation. Apparatus is damaged or Apparatus inoperative. 55 During Freezer (Ice Check operation. Freezer is inoperative. Cube Maker) 56 During Oxidation Bath Check operation. Bath is inoperative. 57 During Gas Cylinders Inspect cylinders for leaks. Gas supply is low or cyl- inder leaking. 58 During Laboratory Check operation. Ovens are inoperative. Ovens 59 During Burn-Out Check operation. Furnace is inoperative. Furnace 60 During Explosion Proof Check operation. Refrigerator is inopera- Refrigerator tive. 61 During Separometer Unit a.  Inspect condition. Separometer unit incom- plete or inoperative. b.  Check operation. 62 During JFTOT Check operation. JFTOT is inoperative. 63 After Power Cable Inspect cable for damaged con- Cable damaged. nector, cuts, and deep abrasions. 64 After Air Compressor Drain moisture tray as required during operation. 65 After Air Tank and Sys- Drain air tank as required during tem Piping operation. 66 Weekly Semi-Trailer Inspect skin surface for paint Wall skin cracked, or Walls damage, corrosion, cracks, or punctured. punctures. 67 Weekly Utility Box Check coupling assembly for se- Defective coupling. curity and damaged threads. 68 Weekly Power Entry Pan- Inspect power cable connector for Defective connector. el loose and damaged pins. 69 Weekly Propane Locker Inspect for condition and security. Damaged vents, loose or Vents missing rivets. 2-38


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