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TM 10-6640-215-13 Table 2-1.  Operator Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services Item Interval Item To Check Procedure Not Fully Mission No. Service Capable If: 42 During Vacuum System Inspect for leaks, leaky valves, or Leaks or defective Piping and inoperative valves. valves. Valves 43 During Water Pump, a.  Inspect pump and motor for Pump or motor over- Valves, and Pip- unusual noises or heat that could heats. ing indicate malfunction. b.  Make sure pump does not Shaft seal leaks. leak at shaft seal. c.  Make sure all outlet valves Defective valves. deliver full flow when open and do not leak when closed. 44 During Surge Tank Check for leaks. Surge tank has Class III leaks. 45 During Water Tank Inspect for leaks. Class Ill leaks detected. 46 During Water Chiller Inspect for proper operation. Water is not chilled. 47 During Water Filter Inspect for leaks. Class III leaks detected. 48 During Electrical Still a.  Check for leaks. Still has Class III leak. b.  Inspect for improper opera- Still is inoperative. tion caused by scale or crud buildup. 49 During High Pressure a.  Inspect for condition and Missing fasteners.  Class Steam Boiler leakage. III leaks. b.  Check operation Inoperative boiler. 50 During RVP Bath, Test Check operation. Inoperative RVP bath, Bombs, Gages, gages, or manometer. and Manometer Broken glass. 51 During Kinematic Vis- Check operation. Inoperative kinematic cosity Bath and bath and heater. Heater 52 During Centrifuge a.  Inspect shock mounts. Missing screws or shock mounts. b.  Check operation. Inoperative centrifuge. 53 During Field Testing Kits Inspect for defective or missing Defective kits and mis- components. sing components. 2-37


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