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TM 10-6640-215-13 Table 2-1.  Operator Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services Item Interval Item To Check Procedure Not Fully Mission No. Service Capable If: 24 Before Oxidation Bath Inspect condition of pressure re- Gage is broken or inop- cording gage. erative. 25 Before Laboratory Inspect for security. Missing screws. Ovens 26 Before Burn-Out Inspect for security. Missing screws. Furnace 27 Before JFTOT Inspect for security. Defective or missing fas- teners. 28 Before Cloud and Pour Inspect condition. Apparatus incomplete or Point Apparatus inoperative. 29 Before Support Items Inspect fire extinguishers. Broken seal or low charge indication. 30 During Utility Box a.  Inspect for condition and se- Box damaged, loose, or curity. missing rivets. b.  Inspect access door for de- Latches, keepers, seals, fective or missing latches, keep- and hinges damaged or ers, seal, and hinge. missing. 31 During Power Entry a.  Inspect for damage to panel. Panel damaged. Panel b.  Check ground cable is prop- Grounding connections erly connected to ground lug and are damaged. grounding rod. 32 During Environmental Inspect for proper operation. ECUs do not operate. Control Units (ECUs) 33 During Purge Exhaust a.  Inspect door microswitches to Microswitches do not op- Doors be sure they activate properly erate properly. when door is closed, and deacti- vate when door is opened. 34 During Fluorescent Light Inspect bulbs and starter for Lights not operating. Assembly operation. 35 During Emergency Inspect for operation. Lights not operating. Lights 36 During Motor Controllers Inspect for operation. Equipment does not op- erate. 2-35


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