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TM 10-6640-215-13 2-2.       OPERATOR CONTROLS AND INDICATORS - continued . Table 2-9.  Water System Controls and Indicators Control or Indicator Function Water Pump ON/OFF Controller Energizes motor start/stop circuit at pressure switch. Pressure Switch Starts and stop the water pump automatically at the required pressures. Water Pressure Gage Indicates the water pressure maintained by the water pump during operation. Water System Isolation and Service Valves Provides for isolation, system line up from various supply sources, drainage, and service access to the water system in the Petroleum Laboratory. h. Balance System Controls and Indicators.    Refer  to  appropriate  equipment  TM  listed  in  Appendix  A  for balance system controls and indicators. i. Gum Bath System Controls and Indicators.  Figure 2-10 and Table 2-10 list the controls and indicators for the gum bath system. 2-19


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