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TM 10-6640-215-13 2-2.       OPERATOR CONTROLS AND INDICATORS - continued . Table 2-7.  Air System Controls and Indicators Control or Indicator Function Air Compressor ON/OFF Controller Energizes motor start/stop circuit at pressure switch. Pressure Switch Starts and stops compressor automatically at the required pressures.  Compressor starts at 60 psi, and stops at 120 psi. Safety Valve Provides safety relief if air pressure in tank goes above 150 psi. Air Pressure Gage Indicates the air pressure in the tank. Air System Isolation and Air Provides for isolation of, drainage of, and Service Valves service access to the air system. f. Vacuum System Controls and Indicators.  Figure 2-8 and Table 2-8 list the controls and indicators for the vacuum system 2-15


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