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TM 10-6640-215-13 2-2. OPERATOR CONTROLS AND INDICATORS - continued. b. Power Panel Assemblies.  Figures 2-2 and 2-3 and Tables 2-2 and 2-3 list the controls and indicators located in MAIN POWER PANEL and POWER PANEL NO. 2. Table 2-2.  Main Power Panel Control or Indicator Function NOTE Circuit breakers in MAIN POWER PANEL are coded Al; circuit breakers in POWER PANEL NO. 2 are coded A15. A1CB1 Serves as the main circuit breaker.  In the ON position, applies  power  to  all  system  circuit  breakers.    Provides 100A protection for main power input. A1CB2 Provides   100A   circuit   protection   for   power   input   to POWER PANEL NO. 2. A1CB3 Provides 20A circuit protection for JFTOT and UTILITY NO. 7. A1CB4 Provides 20A circuit protection to ovens. A1CB5 Provides   15A   circuit   protection   to   VISCOSITY   BATH and UTILITY NO. 4. A1CB6 Provides   15A   circuit   protection   for   REFRIGERATOR and UTILITY No. 3. A1CB7 Provides     20A     circuit     protection     to     DISTILLATION UNITS. A1CB8 Provides 15A circuit protection for centrifuge, FREEZER, and UTILITY No. 2 in mechanical room. A1CB9 Provides   15A   circuit   protection   for   lighting,   phase   A. (Rear laboratory overhead lights.) AlCB10 Provides 15A circuit protection for UTILITY No. 6. A 1CB11 Provides   15A   circuit   protection   for   lighting,   phase   B. (Front overhead lights.) 2-3


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